About Us

 Discovery School (formerly Christian Life School) has been serving students and families in our community for the past 27 years. We believe that every child is entitled to an education that is developmentally appropriate regardless of their physical abilities, economic status, or living situation. Our goal is to put the joy back into learning for all of our students.  Our school’s philosophy is based on the Project Approach that was founded in Reggio Emilia Italy.  It respects each child’s unique learning styles and abilities.  Our teachers create their curriculum based on their student’s interests. They observe the children in their classroom, their interests, and learning styles and then create a project suited for their individual students.  

Discovery School Garden 
This spring we focused on building a gardening area on our playground. The children have learned how to plant tomatoes,  green beans, corn, and pumpkins. They have also been helping with the upkeep by watering, pulling weeds, and harvesting plants. We are excited we could offer a big project the whole school can be apart of. 

    We believe that all students deserve quality childcare and that is at the heart of who we are.  It is our hope that we show children at an early age just how much Christ loves and cares about them by them way we treat them.  We believe these early encounters will establish a firm foundation for their future.

Our school recognizes parents as the most important teachers our students will ever have.  It is our goal to work alongside our parents to provide the best education possible. We provide several ways for families to get involved throughout the school year.  Some of the programs we offer our families are:  Bingo and Chili Cook-off Night, Stone Soup, Jesus’s Birthday Party, Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day Tea Party, Father’s Day, and Friends and Family Nights.

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